Wednesday 27 May 2015

Do not use artificial energy drinks

This article is to create awareness about the dangers of artificial energy drinks  we prefer usage of natural energy drinks like Athletic Greens.

False beliefs about these drinks

Most consumers of these drinks believe that these substances are a good source of instant energy and are unaware of their high content of caffeine and risks to health.

The marketing of these drinks is aimed at young people as a natural alternative that increases the fun and improves physical and cognitive, such as concentration, attention, alertness and performance. There is a false but widespread perception that consumption of energy drinks can reverse the deterioration caused by alcohol, including motor in coordination and visual reaction time, which is crucial for driving safety, which could lead to a false sense of security as when two substances ingested.

Other misconceptions include physical performance and weight loss. Available studies show convincingly that the effects attributable to energy drinks are limited to the effects of caffeine and glucose.

association with alcohol

Mixing alcohol and energy drinks continues an upward trend among young people and is very frequently associated with episodes of heavy drinking.

Drinking alcoholic and energy drinks at a time is very common among young people. These consumers are more likely to be heavy drinkers and also associate other risk behavior (unprotected sex, driving risk and high number of accidents). This behavior seems to be influenced exclusively by energy drinks.

66% of study participants reported having mixed alcohol and energy drinks deliberately and 1 in 5 have also referred done the previous week. In relation to the meetings at which no alcohol was ingested, participants interviewed acknowledged having consumed more alcohol when administered together with energy drinks. This study indicates that taking alcoholic and energy drinks is relatively common and that this mixture stimulates increased alcohol consumption.

Marczinski and other authors report that the combination of alcohol and energy drinks and stimulates the desire to drink extends to a greater degree than alcohol alone.

The ingestion of alcohol with energy provides a double effect. The stimulation produced by the energy drinks often hide the sedative effects of alcohol, to increase alertness, but may be associated with adverse physiological effects of overstimulation.

Caffeine attenuates the sedative effect of alcohol intoxication, but does not change the motor capacity alterations or cognitive effects of alcohol.

Those subjects who manifest consume more energy drinks also consume more alcohol and are also more likely to mix alcohol and energy drinks and more frequently experience episodes of alcohol abuse .

Making alcoholic and energy drinks not change the alterations produced by alcohol, although distorted as perceived by the subject, with a reduction in the perception of mental fatigue, increasing the belief of being stimulated, compared with exclusive alcohol intake , which creates a high risk scenario for the drinker who can believe that is more capable than they actually have to perform various tasks, including the belief that it is able to stop drinking if it so decides. The combination of alcohol and energy drinks may mask the signs of alcohol intoxication, which leads to increased alcohol consumption, dehydration, prolonged intoxication and hangovers addition to the changes caused by inappropriate behavior (violence, accidents, etc).

105 students (23%) of a group under study reported having consumed alcoholic and energy drinks during the previous 30 days. This subgroup of drinkers of alcoholic and energy drinks were more likely to be heavy drinkers than those who did not consume energy while drinks.

Direct research at the point of consumption, such as bars and nightclubs, indicate that caffeine intake while consuming alcohol is associated with a greater degree of intoxication, which rises in cases where the drink contains artificial sweeteners, as sucrose slows the emptying of alcohol through the stomach.

The practice of consuming large amounts of energy drinks with alcohol is considered by many teenagers and students one of the main scenarios to interact and meet people. This pattern of consumption explains the increased risk of caffeine intoxication and alcohol in young people.

Available data suggest that young people who consume alcoholic and energy drinks have far higher rates of negative consequences of alcohol consumption than those who eat only this substance.

Effects on performance

Physical Performance

The available studies on the influence of energy drinks on physical performance are controversial, although the results of a survey (n = 397) show that 85.9% of respondents refer energy drinks and other substances to improve their athletic performance.

A study on the treadmill showed no significant difference in energy drinks and other caffeinated substances compared to placebo. It does not seem to influence the performance of anaerobic sprint or power of football players.

By contrast, data from another study revealed positive effects of energy drinks on the perceived exertion, muscle pain in the legs and availability to undertake efforts during submaximal exercise on the bike. Elaborating on the same, ingestion of 3 mg / kg of caffeine in the form of energy drinks increased performance rugby players , while the same dose increased ability to perform repeated sprints and increase the distance for a simulated game. Increased length of the jumps was also observed.

The results of another study suggest that 255 ml of a popular energy drink, containing 1.3 mg / kg of caffeine and 1 gram of taurine does not alter the performance in repeated sprint exercise compared to placebo in female athletes.

Cognitive function and other tasks

A study suggests that energy drinks can improve significantly but temporarily (up to six hours) some relevant aspects of cognitive function. But other researchers conclude that there are significant differences that can be attributed to the effects of energy drinks are appreciated. Step called attention to the potential risks of these health drinks, recommending that the younger refrain from consumption .

The effect of treatment with caffeine alone seems to have a positive effect on performance for certain tasks. Co-administration of taurine tends to reduce in part the facilitating effect of caffeine [49].

One study showed improved memory performance after ingestion of a glucose beverage containing caffeine compared to placebo.

The ingestion of caffeine and alcohol do not seem to improve driving or maintaining attention or reaction time compared to alcohol alone.

At the end we recommend every one to use drinks like  Athletic Greens .   It keeps your body clean from pollution effects and gives you real energy.


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